Monday, July 11, 2016

G - Lost is Easy to Be

Dear Reader,

Eye smiles.
We are officially University of Chicago students, with IDs to match. The day started with a brunch at Valoir's, my home-skillet Obama's go-to all-day breakfast diner. I had two eggs/bacon/toast and a cornbread biscuit, which were delicious and devoured in seconds...minutes...maybe an hour.

Following check-out from the hotel, we (meaning, Ms. Scott, Mauricio, Alice, Ryan, and I), shuffled into a shuttle that would take us to our home for the next 21 days at UChicago -- the Renee Granville-Grossman Residential Commons (RGG for short). Also worth mentioning, another family ('cause we fam) got into the shuttle with us, and the daughter of that family is a commuter student doing Biotech at UChicago this summer! Her name is Lucia, and she will be mentioned more, later.

We had a quick (not) orientation and tour where I met a couple people who I now consider friends (Holly and Doris, to be pictured later), as well as our residential advisor (RA), whose name is Jeremy. We also got our dorm room number. I was C30X, and everyone else was W___. One word: LONELY. (´;︵;`) Lucia helped me carry my things to unpack at the dorms, and we found out that I had a single room. LONELY. ( ´•̥̥̥ ^ •̥̥̥` ) I have not found yet a person in the same class as I. LONELY. (´;Д;`) It turns out Ryan and Mauricio also have single rooms. Sigh, Alice lucked out.

!!!Doris, Lucia, and Holly ・:*+.\((  ・ ᗜ ・  ))/.:+ !!!
View on the way to the gym with Doris and the bibliotecha on the right.
Just us, being horrible people.

I walked around the midway plaisance with Lucia before everyone had to consolidate again for a very boring, sleep-inducing safety meeting about the numerous blue lights set around campus. After that arduous congregation we separated into RA groups and had dinner in the Arley dining commons (DC) set right across from the RGG where THEY RAN OUT OF SOYMILK (how could they!!!11!1!!!1)
(ꐦ ಠ皿ಠ )

Following the dinner, we were free to explore until 7 where we had another meeting about a different kind of safety and curfew, and then told about an event at 9, where our house (RA group) was having a "study break" that consisted of snacks, snacks, and calories. During this time frame Doris and I walked to the gym, which is informally called the Regg. Just a note: getting to the Regg from the dorms is a workout in itself -- it is literally on the opposite side of campus. However, if you're taking the 55 bus down to Ellis street, it'll land you right at the doorstep of the Regg. I know this because of one reason, but you'll have to wait for my next blog to read about that). Hehe.

After playing numerous rounds of Cards Against Humanity, I suggested a change of pace: let's play spoons. Turns out, no one knew how to play spoons. Epic fail. Face palm. Let me sink back into my comfy chair and dissolve into soup without spoons. R.I.P. my soul.

Egyptian War being explained. SUCCESS.

Next try: what about Egyptian War. Another round of blank stares, but one catches my eye. A brief explanation of what the game is. "Wait I think I know that game, we just call it SLAM-wich." Utter relief. (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ By this time (nearing 11 PM aka curfew), about six of us are left playing an intense match of Egyptian War. I led for much of the game, but Tom the Washing Machine Romanchek (who died and revived three times) ended up being the champion. It was still insanely fun, and it turns out the people in my house aren't so bland after all. No offense intended, but it definitely takes more than a first impression to get a person's personality and learn that they're pretty cool beans.

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