Tuesday, July 5, 2016

(R)- See You Soon St. Louis!

Here we have it.  The final day that we have in California before heading to the Midwest.  This trip has been a long time coming and now we finally have it within 24 hours of us.  All of the other cohorts besides the Chicago and Vanderbilt cohorts  have left already so now we are the last but not least.  I believe Chicago is the school and city with the most to offer us so I feel very lucky to attend this university for the next three weeks.  I am all packed up and ready to go on my adventure. Now off to bed for the big day!

Well now it is 11:30 and I am not falling asleep because my mind is racing.  I was planning on finishing this up in the morning when I wake up but why not do it now to hopefully put my mind to rest so I can get some rest.  I was first looking back at what I have already done this summer such as going on hikes and taking a trip to Oregon, then I looked forward into the next month.  I will be in a new city where the possibilities are endless and I can find if my interest in law is my true passion.  That is pretty mind blowing.  I have high hopes and know I will not be let down. St. Louis is the first stop and by the looks of it, a very nice one indeed.
Our first stop on the trip: beautiful St. Louis

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