Saturday, July 9, 2016

(R)- Running Towards the Phoenix

Today, I got to sleep in which will probably happen rarely from now on. I had a delicious steak omelette from Valois, which happens to be President Obama's favorite restaurant.  It was our first brunch as well as the last meal we would all have with Alana.  I want to thank her for helping us these past few days as we traveled through the Midwest.  

When we got to the university, we checked in and went straight to the bookstore to get our jackets.  I found one I am extremely happy to have scavenged from the very farthest rack.  We then started to talk to the all the new people we have in our dorms.  The first friend we made is Aaron from Memphis, Tennessee who is taking a neuroscience course.  He is in my RA group but not the same floor. 

We got into our rooms after this point and I was shocked and a little disappointed to see I am in a single. I soon decided it was not so bad, and if I want to talk then I can just go to the lounge.  We then went through a jumble of information sessions about the rules and expectations.  Then, one of the most unexpected things happened when I ran into a girl I went to middle school with.  As we were walking around the campus in a "campus tour" that just pointed out our class locations, I heard' "Ryan Cutter?" Turning around, I was pleasantly surprised to see Sarah Xu who goes to Albany High School.  She left Hercules for Albany. Bad move.

Then we ate dinner in a dining hall with a wide variety of food that I saved to distribute over the next twenty days.  I also ate light so I could run.  In my first run in Chicago, I also ran my first half marathon. It was easier than most other runs, too. I was able to look at Michigan Lake and the downtown skyline in the sunset.  One of the most beautiful views I have seen this trip and I did not have my camera to capture it.  I also do not have any pictures at all from today.  Tomorrow I plan on taking more so my blog can be spiced up.  I imagined that the fiery sky behind the buildings is caused by the phoenix of the university leaving its mark on the city.  Sorry for the bland post. Check in tomorrow for a better one.

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