Saturday, May 21, 2016


May, 14 2016 

The title is just to mislead; this tutorial was actually very informative and the snacks were satisfactory. We had slight problems logging into the computers but other than that the day went pretty smoothly.

Me Taking Pictures for Practice Blog
We started of by reviewing the kinds of Don's and the responsibilities of the ILCers. This seemed to give us a sense of urgency and reminder that in order for this opportunity to go smoothly maximum effort must be put in. 

When we went over how to blog, instead of thinking about it as another tedious task, I thought of all the things it will help with. It will improve my structure, vocabulary, and writing as a whole. This is great because writing is not my strong suit and any improvement is greatly appreciated. 

I also got to learn a lot about the processes that go on in airplanes. I never in my life have been on an airplane or even been outside of California after my arrival in the United States, when I was six years old. I now know what the difference is between a carry-one and check-in luggage as well as some of the general rules of airports.

In the end this tutorial taught me a lot of various things. The only thing that could've been better would be the time. We got out kind of late. 
Group Picture With Richmond High Students

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