Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Giver

That was my largest take away from the tutorial. Don is The Giver. His inventory of supplies astonishes me.  Luggage, electronics, and so much more.  But that was only part of the tutorial.  A very small part.

I was part of a make-up group for the tutorial that included my cohort member, Alice.  I gave the option of having the meeting at my house so I was able to get up, pour myself some Cap'n Crunch, and just wait for the others. At 10 AM they arrived and we got right into it by learning how to write these blogs and take pictures for them. This blog does not have a picture to go along with it even though that was one of the main things to include but at least I'm not forgetting.  

After the bulk of the tutorial was completed Don gave a lot of tips for our trip and explained to us how he has literally every item we could possibly need for this trip to loan out to us. I might have to borrow a nice USB powered desk fan. Chicago is HOT.

After an elapsed time of five, yes five, hours, I was able to eat because we did not get any of the cool snacks everyone else got at the main tutorial.  I could not have been more relieved eating my corn dogs after taking in all that information. I must say I am definitely ready to head off to the East.

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