Monday, May 30, 2016


Where do I even start. I was late to the El Cerrito Plaza BART Station by about 30 minutes. My dad was running a bit late from San Rafael because of heavy traffic. Don was not too happy about this. Because of my tardiness I was assigned the role to carry the UChicago flag canister to the restaurant and back. Not as bad as it could of been so I gratefully accepted this task. Also because of my tardiness the rest of my cohort was sent ahead. 
Group Photo
At our arrival, as Don had mentioned, there was construction going on all around the patio where the ILC was hosting this event. Another thing that came apparent was that the rest of the cohort had not arrived. I introduced myself to the UChicago alums (Koryn, Christopher, and Nelson ), a previous UChicago ILCer (Brandon), and one of the Sponsors and his wife (Scott and Michelle). When Everyone arrived we had a small laugh around the irony of my initial tardiness and theirs. 

Aside from the heavy literal construction around us, there was much construction on our knowledge of the trip to come. The interaction with these wonderful people gave us a better idea of expectations, experiences, and cultures at the University of Chicago. There was an interesting view on UChicago where its motto is 'where fun goes to die'. This was both supported and rebutted. It seems like it is the best of both worlds where you can decide if you want to be educationally focus or you want to participate in many interesting events. Christopher told Ryan, Brandon, and I some of these events that can be described as a blast. 

The food was not too bad either. I can say that the chicken and the brownies were my favorite items. Although, I was pretty jealous that a previous cohort got whipped cream on their brownies. After we finished eating there were, of course, photos and we got to see the city at night which was very beautiful as the all the lights glimmered.  

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