Tuesday, May 24, 2016


So I have it a little backwards from the rest of the Ivy League Connection-ers.  My first blog is about the meet and greet dinner rather than my experience with the tutorial.  That will come later but for now, my first blog!
University of Chicago cohort and chaperone during meet and greet.
From left to right: Ryan, Mauricio, Alice, Ernestina, Ms Scott
I had met my cohort members through our acceptance and time spent waiting for our interviews. I go to school and have classes with Ernestina so I knew her well before this.  As for Mauricio and Alice, I was able to get to spend some more time with them and learned a lot of cool things. A large portion of our conversation was about school, the AP tests we had recently taken, and questioning Ms. Scott on what she had experienced in her prior trip.  We even came up with the idea of forming a jazz band because we all have the ability to play instruments, and although that is not quite feasible, it is a fun idea still.

Ms. Scott happens to be a teacher at Hercules High where Ernestina and I attend. Prior to this dinner, I had not even talked to our chaperone.  Quite simply, I just never had a reason or opportunity to talk to her because I do not take French. I can now say that Ms. Scott seems like a great teacher and an awesome chaperone.

As for the food, we ate at a Burmese restaurant on San Pablo Dam road. The easy option for me was the chicken curry so I just went with it and it was delicious. I was battling a cold that would turn into a 101 fever the next day but the warm dish really helped me feel better.  But the best part of the dinner by far was the fried bananas with ice cream for dessert.  That left me so stuffed I could barely stand up straight.  Overall, the night was a very good experience and a nice introduction to the flood of events that are rolling in at the moment.

Off to the next.

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