Friday, May 27, 2016

B - Megane

Dear Reader,

Today I looked like a mourner at a funeral in Asia.

Komal, Jahnvi, Jae-An, and I.
The Dream Team.
White, white, white. White dress, white shoes. This evening was the School Board presentation, where I was making the UChicago student speech. I was so nervous I couldn't even smile for Don's large, shiny, black, imposing camera. My parents and I arrived at Lavonya Dejean Middle School at 5:55 PM, five minutes before the supposed call time of 6 PM. I spent the majority of my time hyperventilating and perspiring. :^ )

Only slightly kidding.

Apart from my cohort, I talked to Jahnvi Doshi (HHS), Jae-An Wang (ECHS), and Komal Kumar (HHS). While Jahnvi was enjoying her time under the blanket banner comfortably enjoying the warmth, and Jae-An was awkwardly embracing his newfound popularity with the ladies, Komal was swooning over his masculinity. These interesting personas were spoken with before the speech was made, and helped to calm me down by providing a element of laughter to the evening.

Milky Way, just for fun. ;)
After countless (25, realistically) photos and the nervousness of telecasters over, my parents and I rushed to the annual pops concert, where I made it just in time to play Halo and Alice in Wonderland. It was honestly a great, but saddening concert. People come and go, always, and one just has to accept that. Such as in the case of Jahnvi and Jae-An, two souls set in the stars, bridged by the Milky Way of the Ivy League Connection.

Small post-concert picture!

But again, I have to think of everyone, from sponsers, to students, to the school board, to Don and Ms. Kronenburg, who allowed each of us in the ILC to expand our meager dip in the pool of life. As I said in my speech, being a part of the Connection encourages students to look beyond the narrow, comfortable scope of California, to a summit that seems daunting, but is well-worth the effort to climb. Thank you all.

D-d-dabbing cohort.

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