Saturday, May 21, 2016

T - Crossroads

Dear Reader,

On Saturday, May 14th., I learned how to blog. On this rather cold and early morning, I was introduced to the majesty of Blogger, a free website that encourages the young journalist's mind. Sadly, two of my cohort members were not present at today's introduction, as they had conflicting schedules. I spent most of the day with two ILCers from my school--Jahnvi Doshi (Vanderbilt) and Komal Kumar (Brown). Both of them were dreadfully sorrow for not being able to attend the school's annual promenade, and the empathy I felt for them fused into a ball of irritation and melancholy. I kid. It was a engaging day.

It was a long, but fun day where each of us learned about loaner items and proper blogging margins. Oh, did I mention ILCers from other schools? Notable names include Angela Zhou and Jae-An Wang (whose memes never fail to evoke laughter). At noon, I had to leave to catch a flight to Ontario, CA, where my family spent the rest of the weekend with my sister's lovely tree kat, TK, and Daiso.
From left to right: Jahnvi Doshi, Komal Kumar, Ernestina Hsieh

No need to wonder why this is my second post and not first.


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