Thursday, May 19, 2016


Dear Reader,

Upon dramatically turning one's head to face the doorway,
this is the view that would be captured around 6:30pm.
A mundane entry of a dinner. I kid, the dinner was an engaging experience.

The previous Saturday we had learned to blog, a marvelous past time that records what we are susceptible to forgetting. Today we had our meet-and-greet dinner with our chaperon at Hornbill Burmese Cuisine, in El Sobrante. It was interesting to once again meet the cohort members I will be spending my days with.

A candid picture of my lovely cohort mates.
I arrived at the restaurant at exactly 5:30pm, punctual to a fault. The group, consisting of Ms. Scott, my father, Mauricio, Alice, and Ryan, chatted about the recent AP tests and what to expect at UChicago. A shared story or thought helped us gain a deeper understanding of each other.

I ordered the chicken biriyani as a main dish. It was, to say the least, extremely filling and very flavorful. I ate about half and packed the rest in a to-go box. For dessert, most (aka, everyone) ordered the fried bananas, whereas I ordered sweet sticky rice. Like its entree counterpart, the dessert was very filling, and I ate about half and took the rest home. All together, it was a...good day.
One word: dessert.

Constantly "supposing",

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