Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Good Food, Even Better People: The Chicago Dinner

Last night was a special dinner where the Chicago cohort got to meet with parents, our trip chaperone, an ILC Chicago summer program alumnus, alumni from the University of Chicago, and the sponsors and leaders of the ILC (including school board member and ILC founder Madeline Kronenberg) to enjoy a meal together. In other words, a lot of awesome people in a really excellent place!

The photographer at work!
Don Gosney photographs the 2016 Chicago Cohort
with alumni Koryn and Christopher
The Town Hall restaurant was lovely (although I was not prepared for the spicy horseradish mashed potatoes) and provided a great atmosphere for us all to mingle and introduce ourselves. I especially enjoyed my conversations with UChicago alums Christopher, Koryn, and Nelson who all shared glowing reviews of the university and provided intriguing anecdotes and insights about how their time at UChicago influenced their lives. Talking to them gave me a clearer picture of what this whole college thing is all about, and what I should hope to get out of it. Hearing them say that they were once just as unsure about what they wanted to do as I am now was encouraging. Their speeches and stories focused a lot on the value of culture and community at the University of Chicago, which I hope to get a sense for on my trip despite it not taking place while regular classes are in full swing.

While Ryan did an excellent job in his speech of thanking all of the sponsors and supporters of the ILC, I would like to extend my own public thank you to everyone who has made this trip possible for me (if any of you are reading this, I'm talking to you!).  It is because of you that I have the opportunity to experience an Ivy League college this summer, and I am extremely grateful!

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