Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Whole Adventure ~ Mauricio Morfin

My interview might not even have happened. There was a generosity in ILC that allowed 9 people to interview for this great opportunity called the Ivy League Connection. The 8 interviewers were chosen and I was not in a very good spot. I was pretty sad I didn't get in, but I was ready to apply to the next program. When announced that there were going to be 9 interviewers I didn't think much of it. That was until I received the interview details a few days later. I was in complete shock. Was I really doing this?

 Fast-Forward to the interview where I met all the other candidates. My friend Diana and I wanted to go on this program together because we thought it'd be cool to have someone from the same school experience this. Now we had a set goal in mind but it did not come true. I feel lucky to have been chosen as the last interviewer and actually got the spot on this trip. I should be grateful I even had this opportunity because if only 8 got interviews I wouldn't be writing this blog right now. I'd probably be watching cartoons on Saturday mornings while eating fruit loops. Scratch that, make that every day.
The application process showed me a lot about what schools actually look for and to read everything you're about to fill out. There was a section where SAT and ACT scores were optional. Seeing as mine aren't as competitive as they should be Don reminded me that they were not required so removing them was a good idea. Now there was also issues with communication on my end. The ILC showed me the importance to good communication. In the end, it helps with the real world. Lack of communication leads to misinterpretation, mistrust, and anger. It is not a good sign when you receive a group Email written by evil Don. As a tip to future ILCers and anyone who is reading this final reflection, Good Don is the Best Don. It's best to do what he says because he has gone through the process a plethora of times, he knows what's best.
Applying to UChicago it was cool seeing the unique possible prompts that are provided. I wrote about 23rd street because it is a street well known in my community. It was great having that constant feedback and support from the ILC allowing me to do my best in this application.
After going through this process of the ILC I think that I'm prepared for applying to college. I wouldn't say it prepared me for college but it gave me a sense of what to expect. The reason I say it didn't prepare me for it is because college is a whole new thing completely different from High School and it will take more than 1 month to prepare someone for that.
I can't explain how grateful I am to have been chosen for this and I was a sucker for not applying last year.

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