Tuesday, August 2, 2016

My Time at Chicago ~ Mauricio Morfin

From the moment I awoke that fateful day, I knew that there was about to be a new change in how I viewed California. I was about to leave my family, friends, and pets for about a month which in reality is a long time to be away from something. Now this trip caused for me to experience many things for the first time. The first thing it exposed me to wad the airport. It was the first plane ride of my life and even the first time I had ever even been to an airport; at least on the inside. Now I really know the differences between a carry-on and a check-in bag. I was scared the lift-off took me by surprise and I didn't know how to react so I stayed stiff. The landing had me feeling the same way.

 At our arrival, I noticed the first difference from California. The weather in St. Louis was so humid and hot. Am I crazy for liking that? This weather felt special and it makes a connection with me on a spiritual level. Just kidding, I'm exaggerating but I really did like it. St. Louis had a more normal ambiance than Richmond or San Pablo, which is where I'm from. St. Louis has a more silent nature to it. I rarely saw people on the streets we passed, but it seemed to resemble the unnourished, impoverished community that can be seen in Richmond or San Pablo.
A big difference from my community was that St. Louis was a tourist city. The had that great Arch that everyone came to see. We had the Golden Gate Bridge but people wouldn't go to my area for that they'd go to San Francisco. This trip was the first time I've left California, not including my home country of Mexico.  Also, when you get to try alligator tail for the first time you know it's going to be a great trip.

 When we arrived in Chicago I realized I've never been to a school like that that. UChicago has an outstanding Campus. Although I would like to a school with a big campus, this school compensated with the big city of Chicago. I honestly don't see all the hype of San Francisco. Chicago is way better in my opinion. I loved walking in the rain while there was still 80-degree weather. It was somehow really soothing.

As I continued to take classes I realized that this was no longer High School. It had completely changed. There was no one to push you. Individuals are required to turn things in on time and have to meet deadlines. There were, of course, consequences for not doing what you needed to do. Procrastination really killed a lot of people, like me, because it caused for them to be in a rush to do things. This trip made me realize that I need to seriously need to work on my organization more. Planners and organizers need to be bought asap. Another thing I realized was that when you write things down it makes it easier to cross off and remember.

There was also a culture shock when coming to UChicago. There were people literally from all around the world in one place. I met people a lot of people from China and their competitivity is on a whole nother level. Parents in China are restricted to one child and the immense amount of traffic in Shanghai is controlled by only certain driving days and entry into a lottery to be able to own a car.

This trip exceeded all my expectation. I got exposed to so many new things including my first baseball game and attending an Ivy League level school. I couldn't have asked for more. I feel like I should have done a better job because this program is such a blessing, although I'm not religious. 

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