Tuesday, June 7, 2016

(R) Where Can I Buy an Aloha Shirt?

So I have a new public service announcement about my title headings. The final (I hope) version is now "(R)."  Ernestina is trying to spell a word with her titles so I now will use parentheses to avoid confusion. Now, the orientation.
Ernestina better be prepared for more pictures like this in the windy city, and
I better get an Aloha shirt.
As you may notice, I am the only one without a nice flowery shirt, and it's a pretty big deal.  The Hercules tradition is to wear aloha shirts to honor Don and all his hard work, and I broke it, so that sucks.  But the orientation was still a success, and Don knows that we all appreciate him.  The best news: we get to leave on an afternoon flight and have two check-ins on Southwest.  The other cohorts all hate us right now.

The orientation was mostly for the parents, and it was nice that my parents got to learn all about what will happen on our trip.  In one month from today, we will be in St. Louis, and if there are not any more milestone events, then I will see you all on departure day!

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