Tuesday, June 7, 2016

L - A Splitting Wishbone

Dear Reader,
Would you like to know what it is like to be busy?
Being busy means every moment of your time (waking and sleeping) has a purpose, and you're acting on that purpose. Most people could say they went to school today. Most people could even say they ate lunch today (Oh wow! What a surprise!). Then there's me.
Rather than eating lunch, I went to help out a middle school string quartet that would be playing at the eighth grade promotion. Which is tomorrow. After practicing throughout their lunch and immediately after school (I filled in the empty position of second violin--side note: for a performance on less than a week's notice, they chose a relatively difficult piece for middle schoolers...), I headed over to Pinole Valley Middle School for the last consolidate meeting of the cohorts--ILC Orientation.
dem facial expressions op.
A bit before 6:00 PM, Jahnvi, Jae-An, Komal, Alice, and I (not all the same moments) were chattering in the evening chill about whether the Squeeze Theorem should really be called the Sandwich Theorem, the surprise of Jahnvi upon finding out I actually own a skirt, and the confusing invention of a block schedule (One word: why?).
After carrying luggage pieces and miscellaneous items to the front of the gym once the entrance doors were open, students and parents sat on the left hand side (upon entrance) of the bleachers to be informed by Don of general information they should know about our study trip for this summer. I sat between Jahnvi and Jae-An, who sat next to Komal and Alice! We had some interesting coversations about Jae-An's expression in every photo ever taken of him, and Alice and I remarked how much he looks like Sokka from Avatar: The Last Airbender. To make the day more memorable, the bleachers were stacked two benches high, so my feet were nowhere near the ground...unlike other people's... : )
Pretty much an average pic of your average ILCers.
Sokka, no wait? Jae-An?
At the end of the day, much information was exchanged between chaperone, Don, parent, and cohort. The closing of orientation was met with hugs and wrestling and an innumerable amount of extraordinarily awesome pick-up lines that will be used out of state. Chicago cohort seems to have it lucky, we get an afternoon flight, Southwest Airlines, air-conditioning, and overall great members. However, knowing that this would be the last time we would see members of other cohorts imbued an unpleasant feeling of loss between each student.

Well, who knows?

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